Active managers can now participate in the ETF revolution
– with zero compromise

Blue Tractor Group is the developer of the Shielded Alpha® ETF wrapper. SEC-approved and market-proven, it powers actively managed ETFs listed on Nasdaq and the NYSE.

The Blue Tractor ETF wrapper
delivers for all market participants:

Blue Tractor Group is delighted to announce it took home winner’s hardware at the prestigious ETF Express U.S. Awards 2022. Competing against five competitors in the semi-transparent ETF category, Blue Tractor’s Shielded Alpha® structure garnered substantial industry support and was tapped as the Favourite Semi-Transparent ETF Model for the U.S. ETF market.

Best US Semi-Transparent Structure Provider,
Blue Tractor
ETF Express

“When we launched our firm’s first actively managed real estate investment trust ETF (Nasdaq: REIT), we wanted a structure that allowed us to offer ETF investors an actively managed investment opportunity based on the experience and track record of our 14+ years for institutional investors, implemented using our proprietary REIT selection methodology.  The Blue Tractor ETF wrapper fit the bill and from pre-launch planning, to launching our ETF and then onto post-launch support, it’s been a pleasure working with the team at Blue Tractor.”

Nicholas Tannura,
Chief Investment Officer
Craig Leupold,
Chief Executive Officer
GSI Capital Advisors

“Stance Capital launched an actively managed ESG strategy in March 2021 using the Blue Tractor ETF wrapper (NYSE: STNC). We have been delighted with its simplicity and like that we are able to conduct our portfolio operations knowing they are fully protected from prying eyes. We also appreciate the capital gains tax efficiencies from this wrapper’s ETF custom baskets.”

Bill Davis & Kyle Balkissoon,
Co-Portfolio Managers
Stance Capital

“Nasdaq was delighted to be the first exchange to list and trade an actively managed ETF using the Blue Tractor structure (Nasdaq: REIT). We have been very pleased with how efficiently the product is trading, while still shielding the fund’s daily portfolio activity. The Blue Tractor model has promoted product innovation by helping active managers offer their strategies in the ETF structure.”

Giang Bui,
Head of U.S. Exchange Traded Products

“GTS is one of the largest ETF liquidity providers and is Lead Market Maker for two ETFs utilizing the Blue Tractor ETF wrapper (Nasdaq: REIT and NYSE: STNC). With the wrapper’s balance between portfolio opacity for an active manager and transparency for the capital markets, GTS is able to efficiently publish very competitive two-sided quotes for the Blue Tractor-powered ETFs, independent of prevailing market conditions.”

Paul Weisbruch,
ETF/Options Sales & Trading
GTS Mischler

“As a leading ETF issuer and sub-advisor trading firm, ALPS Advisors manages portfolio trading for a variety of active and passive funds. We access the Blue Tractor cloud service daily to implement actively-managed ETF portfolio changes and to generate ETF creation baskets.

From our vantage point, the Blue Tractor cloud service is an intuitive design, very easy to use and allows us to manage semi-transparent ETFs efficiently for best execution and to minimize tax drag.”

Andy Hicks and Ryan Mischker,
Co-ETF Portfolio Managers
SS&C ALPS Advisors

“Vident manages portfolio trading for active managers. We have used the Blue Tractor cloud service for over a year now and appreciate its intuitive design and features that allow us to execute daily portfolio management and trading that protects our client’s confidential portfolio strategies.”

Ryan Dofflemeyer,
Senior Portfolio Manager
Vident Investment Advisory

“In our role as the leading administrator and custody bank for ETF issuers, State Street supports innovation in operations and workflow that benefits our asset manager clients.  We are a major participant in the burgeoning semi-transparent active ETF space and are a service provider for a client that is currently leveraging the Blue Tractor Shielded Alpha model.”

Frank Koudelka,
Senior Vice President, Global ETF Product Specialist
Jeffrey Sardinha,
Managing Director, Exchange Traded Funds
State Street Global Services
  • Better for active managers:

    All the benefits of an ETF without exposing the Fund's proprietary strategies

  • Better for Market Makers and Authorized Participants (APs):

    Less guesswork when hedging their trading risk

  • Better for RIAs:

    Tight spreads, accurate pricing, deep liquidity

  • Better for investors:
    • Access to novel investment strategies
    • Lower cost
    • Tax-efficient investing
    • Intra-day liquidity
The benefits of ETFs are well-known but until recently, unless active managers were comfortable revealing the inner workings of their trading and investment strategies to the capital markets, they had to sit on the side-lines.
Now, with the Shielded Alpha® ETF wrapper and its cloud-hosted workflow, you can have it all:
  • An ETF for active managers that functions and operates exactly like a traditional ETF

  • A novel structure and easy-to-use tools that prevent your active strategies being replicated

  • Just enough information for Market Makers and Authorized Participants (APs) to price accurately and hedge their risk with confidence

  • Tight spreads

  • Accurate pricing

  • A deep, liquid market

  • An environment where RIAs will allocate with confidence

Blue Tractor is a solutions company and we know choosing the right ETF wrapper structure is just the first step in launching your ETF.

Blue Tractor will advise you on the many decisions that need to be made as you advance through to launching your active ETF. And we offer concierge-level access to leading service providers who can smooth your progress through every stage.

Blue Tractor will be there to support you every step of the way, helping you go from initial decision to fund launch in only a few months.

Whether this is your first ETF or your fiftieth, with Blue Tractor you will be up and running quickly and efficiently, with the premier ETF wrapper for active management.

Contact us today and join the ETF revolution.

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